Zuva Petroleum selling petrol contaminated with water


ZUVA Petroleum has admitted to selling petrol contaminated with water to three Bulawayo motorists whose vehicles may have got damaged as a result.

Police have launched a probe against a Zuva Petroleum fuel station located at the corner of Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street and Third Avenue this week for selling contaminated fuel.

The motorists claimed their vehicles failed to start after buying the petrol that had been mixed with water. Bulawayo acting provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed receiving reports from the affected motorists.

Zuva Petroleum“We received the reports from some motorists. We are carrying out investigations to ascertain what could have exactly happened,” said Asst Insp Ncube.
One of the motorists who reported the matter to the police said his car failed to start when he got home and he immediately suspected that the problem was caused by fuel he had bought at Zuva Petroleum.

“I checked everything, my battery was okay, and my car had no fault. My mechanic then said it could be the fuel. We had to drain it. I then approached the service station before reporting the matter to the police,” said the motorist, who requested not to be named.

Zuva Petroleum Bulawayo branch manager who identified himself only as Mr Power confirmed the report.

“Everything is under control. It happened after the rains. Water got into one of the tanks. Zuva and Zera bosses came here to ascertain the situation but all those with affected cars would be compensated,” said Mr Power.