Zim woman DIES in Greyhound Bus in SA


A woman from Zimbabwe died in Pretoria on a Johannesburg-bound Greyhound bus. Her family are furious as the bus company has dumped the body in a mortuary without informing them.


Siwineni Khumalo (62) of Bulawayo was visiting her children in South Africa when she fell sick in the bus and started vomiting until she died. Her family yesterday told The Chronicle that they were struggling to come to terms with her sudden death.

Khumalo’s brother, who is also the family’s spokesperson, Mr Mlindeli Khumalo, said they are still in the dark on what could have caused her death. He said the bus company did not officially communicate with them following her death.

Mr Khumalo said his sister’s children learnt about their mother’s death at Park Station in Johannesburg when they were waiting for her.  “When they inquired about her whereabouts from the bus officials, they were just told that the person fitting her description was left in a mortuary in Pretoria,” he said. “That’s all they told her children who had to find their way back to Pretoria where they found her dead.”

He said the family has already moved her body to another mortuary in Johannesburg. An official from Greyhound Coaches at the Park Station office in South Africa said the company does not have information regarding Khumalo’s death. “We don’t know anything about the incident you’re talking about.

I’ve checked the passenger register, we don’t have that name but for more information contact our station manager tomorrow (today),” said the official who did not disclose her name.

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