Women throw themselves at me end up fighting for me…..


Jah Prayzah’s lead guitarist, Baba Harare, real name, Braveman Chizvino says women throw themselves at him before and after shows.

“Now that I am famous, women are literally throwing themselves on me. Some claim I am in love with them while others end up fighting over me. I always receive anonymous calls from female fans proposing love to me but I treat them like fans. In fact, I wouldn’t want to date my female fans because it can distract me,” he said.

Women throw themselves at me end up fighting for me..... Baba HarareHe describes his love life as complicated. “It’s complicated but I am a proud father of two daughters – Nokutenda (5) and Fadzai who is now two months old.” Baba Harare said he met Jah Prayzah in Hatfield sometime in 2009 when he was still playing for Madzibaba Shekede’s band.“He used to hire our musical kit and one day his lead guitarist did not show up and I had to step in and we simply clicked. Since then, we have been working together and we have recorded five albums together.

In my case, I can safely say I do enjoy my life at Jah Prayzah. I am one such person who can confront him when he makes an error and he takes my advice and vice versa.I have learnt quite a lot from him and I hope he has also learnt something from me. He is such a hardworking artiste who never gives up easily.”

He explained how the Baba Harare name came about. “I was given the name Baba Harare by former manager Filda Muchabaiwa when my wife was pregnant.It so happened that my wife gave birth to the kid while in Harare despite our plans that she delivers in the rural areas and Mama Filo joked that the kid be named Harare hence the name Baba Harare.

Baba Harare The Punani QuenchMasterHowever, my daughter is called Nokutenda and not Harare as assumed by may, especially musical fans” Baba Harare said he had managed to buy car and a residential stand in Budiriro.

In short, I can safely say am now proud owner of a house out of music.

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