Woman steals $16000 from her AUSSIE-BASED SISTER


A woman blew her sister’s $16 000 and then tried to kill her by suffocating her with a cushion. 55 year old Getrude Ndlovu a nurse based in Australia sent the money to her sister Sithabile Ndlovu (50) intending to use it later to fund the construction of a house in Romney Park.

Sithabile of Nkulumane suburb told the court that she blew the money in one month to spite her sister. “Your Worship I had no premeditated intention of spending that money. Ngakwenza nje ngomoya omubi (I did it out of a cold/evil heart),” she said. Sithabile pleaded guilty to a charge of theft and another of assault.

Western Commonage magistrate Mr Stephen Ndlovu sentenced her to five years in prison for theft and six months for assault.In passing sentence, Mr Ndlovu said he was taken aback by Sithabile’s lack of remorse and hatred for her sister.

“I have never seen a woman so callous like you. You even had the guts to tell this court that your actions were out of a cold heart. Do you have any idea how hard people who go to the Diaspora to improve themselves work? They even work double shifts. It’s unbelievable that you treated someone you shared a womb and breast with in the manner you did. Such hatred and heartlessness is ill-fitting for a woman,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu suspended one and a half years on condition that Ndlovu restitutes her sister an amount of $16 820 before December 31 this year.“A further six months will be suspended on condition that you don’t commit a similar offence in the next five years. For assault you shall serve an effective six months in prison. These sentences do not run concurrently,” said Mr Ndlovu.

Prosecuting, Mr Keneth Shava told the court that between June 23 and July 28 Sithabile received $16 820 from her sister for safekeeping.

“When the complainant returned home, she asked for the money and as she waited in the lounge, accused charged at the complainant holding a sofa cushion.

She then covered complainant’s face as she attempted to suffocate her,” said Mr Shava.

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