Woman STABS Hubby and pour BUCKET OF URINE on him


A disgruntled man told the court that he wished to divorce his wife after she allegedly stabbed him and poured urine on him. Dazzy Masarakunze alleged that Rachael Saungweme stabbed him with a kitchen knife before she poured urine on him as a result he was scared of her and could no longer stay with her as a wife.

“Your worship, I am afraid of this woman because I am not safe with her. I want to be safe that is why I am telling this honourable court that I can no longer live with her. She chased me away from home but we acquired the property together and I cannot be forced to leave the premises.

“I want to be protected from her because she is of a violent disposition and cannot be trusted. We were not really married as we were just cohabiting,” said Dazzy.

In her response, Rachael argued that both the knife and urine incidents had happened but not in the manner that Dazzy had narrated to magistrate Yeukai Dzuda.

“It so happened that we had an altercation whilst I was cutting tomatoes and when we were pushing each other I accidentally stabbed him. The same thing happened with the urine, I was on my way to dispose of urine which was in a bucket when we had another altercation. So when we were pushing each other then urine actually splashed on both of us. I did not chase him away but I asked him to leave when I was infuriated by love messages I saw in his phone,” argued Rachael.

Dzuda ordered Rachael to desist from harassing Dazzy.

Source-H metro

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