Winky D new ALBUM full of Satanism Lyrics??


Zim Dancehall star Winky D’s new release “Gafa Futi Chi Extraterrestrial” has quoted controversy with music lovers questioning the meaning behind some of the songs.

Music fans have also raised questions on Winky’s dressing these days. The “UFO” mask Winky has been wearing after the album was launched has been quite controversial.

Unveiling the album last week on a local radio station, the dancehall chanter’s mask set tongues wagging.Others have questioned the name of the song “Bhebhi RaMwari”.

Critics say Winky could have opted for another name that is acceptable to the Christian community. The term “Extraterrestrial” refers to any object or being beyond the planet earth.

Last year, when he released “Gafa Kicks Tape” song “Disappear” it prompted some to say the lyrics were linked to Satanism.

The album has 12 tracks “Happiest Man”, “Bob Marley Funeral”, “Gafa Party”, “Extraterrestrial”, “Twenty Five”, “Panorwadza Moyo ft Oliver Mtukudzi”, “Karma”, “Photo Life”, “Hooray”, “Bhebhi RaMwari”, “Mwendamberi” and “Daddy”.

On the song “Bhebhi raMwari”, one Reward Muchini asked the meaning of the lyrics on a Facebook post.

“Some of the names and lyrics by Winky D are suspicious — what does ‘Bhebhi RaMwari’ mean?”

Other posts include; “Gafa Futi: Chi Extraterrestrial . . . this album ka? Of course it’s beyond doubt that Winky D is a master craftsman. There is a song here with a line that goes like, ‘Rudo rwedu rwapisa kunge kumba kwaLucifer . . .’”

However, Winky defended himself in an interview with a local radio station saying there was nothing wrong with that.“I don’t understand why people are making issues out of that song. It simply means a good wife comes from God,” he said.

The musician said there was nothing to talk about regarding his dressing as it was just creativity.“As artistes, we have our own way of doing things and that is why we dress and put things in a way that brings people close to the music,” he said.

His lyrical prowess makes the album outstanding with songs “Twenty Five”, “Dady” and “Mwendamberi” .Winky enlisted the service of superstar Oliver Mtukudzi on the song “Panorwadza Moyo” which has created some waves across the country.


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