Wife stabs hubby after catching him bonking another man


A Gokwe woman stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife when she caught him in the act with another man.

It is alleged that John Dambudzo who was having an affair with Timothy Dzose was exposed by his wife Nomsa Shoko when she was alerted by some villagers that her husband was in habit of having same-se_x intercourse.bloody knife

Shoko said she had suspected her husband was having an affair but did not think it was another man.

“I saw some messages in my husband’s phone but he denied saying someone had used his cellphone to send the messages to a lover,” said Shoko.

She added that when she was on her way from a school meeting she was surprised when some villagers told her that her husband was with Dzose at her homestead having se_xual intercourse. Shoko said she was shocked when she found the two lovebirds having anal se_x in her own bedroom.

It is alleged that Shoko took a knife and stabbed her husband two times on his right hand before Dzose grabbed her. She went to shout outside complaining about how her husband starved her se_xually.

“My husband is a coward. How can he starve me of sex and prefer to have se_x with another man, I don’t understand what type of man he is,” said Shoko. According to Shoko, Dambudzo said an_al se_x was much better than her and he had no regrets about it.

Dambudzo said he was in a relationship with Dzose. “I prefer an_al se_x, that’s why I cheated on my wife,” he said.

Shoko reported the incident to Chief Chireya and the couple’s case will heard at the chief’s court.