Update: Why Trevor Dongo was BEATEN as people watched and record videos


Urban grooves musician Trevor Dongo was on Friday involved in a street fight with an unidentified man at Five Avenue Shopping Centre after the man allegedly snatched the musician’s food. A video making rounds on social media shows Dongo in a nasty brawl while onlookers cheered the fighters.

Sources said Dongo was in the company of a female partner. In a phone interview yesterday the musician said the unidentified man provoked him when he snatched a career bag with food he had just bought from a supermarket at the shopping centre.

“I was coming from a supermarket and this guy snatched my paper-bag. He was about to flee when I grabbed him, resulting in the fight. It was nothing serious,” he said.

Trevor could not comment further as he said he was seeing a doctor at the time of the phone call. It was not clear whether he was being treated for injuries sustained during the fight or had gone for other consultations.


Trevor Dongo in fist fight over girl greeting – Watch Video

Trevor Dongo Arrested after he was BEATEN over a Girl – Watch Video and Picture

The 53-second clip shows the two fighters pulling each other’s shirts with Dongo on the receiving end of heavy punches and head-butts. Onlookers are heard whistling and cheering while loudly dissuading each other from restraining the fighters.

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  • Jenny Jones

    People don’t help anymore they take viral videos… Hope he is ok though