Trevor Dongo in fist fight over girl greeting – Watch Video


Trevor Dongo in fist fight over girl. Singer Trevor Dongo is seen in 53sec video in a fist fight with a street man as cheerleaders encourage the fight to go on while other fellow Zimbabwean onlookers ‘watch’. Whatever has made Zimbabweans to be so heartless. You don’t watch a fight ….you help..and this is a nation of citizens who claim to be Christians. The time used to take a video could have been used to help too. Whatever happened to love and help in our nation.It’s shame . Actually , nations now need laws to arrest all those who take photos and videos instead of helping.

According to a source  ” I was there, the guy akamoresa musikana anga ana Trevor akati wamumhorosei musikana wandiri kufamba naye. That was the issue not a selfie issue .Akazorohwa ne simbi Trevor”


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