Tinopona Katsande comments on n&de pictures of her circulating online


Tinopona Katsande has responded to nude pictures believed to be her that are circulating on social media.Tinopona Katsande

Katdande took to Facebook to deny that the pictures are not of her. She  wrote:

Oh my word! The mind boggles. How can anyone possibly think these nudes circulating could be me?Firstly why on God’s green earth would i want to be exposed and violated like that again and more importantly why would I want to put my loved ones through all that AGAIN? Idiwhi chokwadi! Okay , I will admit if you don’t know me, this voluptuous woman bears a somewhat facial resemblance to me ( depending on the angle you look at her hahaha ) but that full figure bust and butt is no where near my flat chested,flat ass ,chicken leg skinny self. ( mmmm but between you and I tho, if I had a body like that tjhooo, I would be super dope hanti? lol) but Naaah sorry folks that ain’t me. So all you #DrGodo ‘s in these “groups groups” #STOPITalready. And whoever is starting this malice on local public personalities GET HELP.