Suluman Chimbetu planning a WEDDING in a STADIUM


Sungura Maestro Suluman Chimbetu is planning to end the year with a huge bang with a wedding in a stadium and a new album launch. Sulu has penciled in December 2 as the day he will wed his wife, Linda Samuriwo and also launch his album, Havasi Kutiziva.

The album had been set for an October launch.  Sulu was not comfortable to discuss the matter referring questions to his publicity man, Joe Local Nyamungoma..

Suluman Chimbetu
Suluman Chimbetu

“I don’t think I can talk about that, call Local (Joe Nyamungoma),” said Sulu. Local said: “There are a lot of things we are working on and I think you called him (Sulu) at the wrong
time.“As it stands, I can tell you that we are planning something big. This has even forced us to reconsider the dates of the album launch we have revealed before.

“That’s why we say ‘havasi kutiziva’, there is something big coming. Your sources might be
right on this one.”

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