Dancehall Mestro Winky D says producer Oskid Tapfuma must sue him if he is convinced a contract has been breached.

He suggested that him and Oskid never had the agreement the producer claimed they had.
“Whatever is happening now is what was agreed on the contract. To my surprise, he’s rushing to radio, social media and newspapers. If someone breached a contract, you should take legal action because that’s where you can get justice.” Oskid is furious after his digital imprint was removed from some of the songs on the new album.

winky dWinky said after the success of Gafa for Life there was pressure on him to replicate the songs that had ruled playlists over the festive season last year.

“When you do something, people always say do it again. Like last year around this time, everyone was in Gafa mood. I felt that people were requesting the Gafa mood again and so I said no problem, Gafa Futi. So it’s Gafa Futi, extra terrestrial,” he said.

“I have seen a lot of people talking about the sleeve. They say the sleeve has numbers and they say ghetto youths don’t understand these numbers on there.“Point of correction, the ghetto youths understand because with the ghetto, we’ve physicists, doctors and lawyers. I wouldn’t take someone who says ghetto youths won’t understand serious because that’s wrong.

You can say the majority don’t understand and I will agree because yes we are together there,” he said.

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