Students FIGHT for Beautiful Female Teacher


Some female pupils at a school in Matabeleland North are said to have fought for the love of a female teacher at the school. Matabeleland North Acting Deputy Provincial Education Director, Mrs Beatrice Manjere confirmed receiving a report on lesbianism activities at Zwangendaba High School. She said the matter is under investigation.“I can confirm that we received a report of that nature from Zwangendaba Secondary School. A report was made and because lesbianism is a very sensitive topic to deal with, we have assigned investigators to monitor the situation in the school,” said Mrs Manjere.

A source, who is a school development committee member, said the allegations of lesbianism at the school started when the teacher (name supplied) arrived at there two years ago.“Parents are furious about this bad habit which has suddenly blossomed in the school since the arrival of that teacher resulting in girls constantly fighting over the teacher or their girl partners. She arrived at the school about two years ago and since then all hell broke loose, with most girls’ behaviour having taken a new twist,” said a source.

“The teacher, who is in her twenties claims to be married but she has never been seen with her husband and now rumour says she’s in a process of divorcing the unidentified man.

“We took the matter twice to a district education officer, who is now retired (name supplied) but no measures were taken to rectify or investigate that.

Last term, we held a hearing, with some provincial officials, were four pupils openly divulged what they had been doing with the teacher but nothing was done.”

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