Skimbo comments on Trevor Dongo Street Fighting


Comedian Skimbo who was beaten up by Lady Squanda and her thugs has deplored the Trevor Dongo street fight.

He said “I saw a video clip yaTrevor, it was sad to see people cheering and enjoying as they watched the fight, Africa is not developing, violence doesn’t solve anything. Musadaro so amana.”

Patson Dzamara also criticised the sickening tolerance of violence. “My heart sank when I watched a video in which renowned singer Trevor Dongo is involved in a fist fight with another guy. I don’t know why they were fighting but I am sure I know one thing.

I know that this reveals something worrying about my fellow countrymen. Something I have experienced several times on the path of activism. For reasons I am still yet to grasp, most Zimbabweans have become so heartless, petty and vain. Their penchant towards romancing trivia is shocking. Zimbabweans find it palatable to make fun of anything and everything.

Apparently, cheerleaders encouraged the fight to go on while they took selfies and videos. The time used to take videos and selfies could have been used to stop the fight. Of course, we are not responsible for the fight those two guys got involved in but do you know that a life or lives could have been lost just like that while others took videos and selfies?

On the other hand, the euphoria being radiated around the video of the fight is disgusting. What’s exciting about two grown men fighting in the street? What’s funny about a fight? This just shows how we have allowed ourselves to sink so low and normalise what is abnormal.

What happened to us Zimbabweans?
What happened to love? What happened to being nice to each other? What happened to being each other’s keeper? Who bewitched us?

Shall people like Mugabe blame sanctions for these low seat inclinations of ours? Shall people like me blame Mugabe for our kindergarten demenour?
No, it’s about us. It’s about you and me.  This to me exposes how
broken we are as a people. This to me exposes the enormous amount of work we must carry out to fix Zimbabwe. Transformation will never happen unless we recalibrate and renew our mindsets. Let’s face it, our humanity has deteriorated to alarming levels and we must fix ourselves.

Source: Online

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