Shock as Man loses wife to his BESTFRIEND


A jealous husband, who lost his wife to his best friend is now constantly demanding se_x from his ex as a way to fix her, a Harare Civil Court heard this week.

Vanessa Phiri told Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda that she could not stand her ex-husband Rino Mashaya, who is demanding to have s#x with her every time she visits their children at her house.

“I want the court to help me restrain this man from my life. We separated and he now has another wife but still insists on having s#x with me.

“I have told him countless times that I am not comfortable with that arrangement but the way he begs and threatens me makes me realise that I may wake up one day being a rape victim.”

But Mashaya told the court that his ex-wife only wanted the protection order to restrict him from interfering with her marriage to his best friend.

“She is planning on marrying my friend and I believe that is the only reason why we are in court. She even conceded that I have moved on, why would I be begging for se_x?”

Phiri told the court that her ex-husband also threatens every male person that he sees with her and remains being protective although he has moved on.

“I no longer have a social life yet he remarried and moved on.”

Mashaya said he was not opposed to the protection order application but urged the court to consider that he needed to have ?access to his children.

“The only problem I have with this kind of application is that the applicant is the mother of my children and has been staying with them since we separated.

“If I am banned from going to her place what arrangement would there be for me to see my children?” Mashaya asked.

Magistrate Dzuda granted the application and advised both parties to observe peace towards each other.

Source: Weekend Post

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