Seh Calaz facing arrest after he recorded and distributed obscene song


Zim Dancehall Chanter, Seh Calaz is facing arrest after he recorded and distributed a song dubbed obscene by the Censorship Board.

Censorship Board secretary Isaac Chiranganyika said they received complaints on Seh Calaz and several other artistes over obscene language in their music.

“They have been complaints about Calaz before and we cautioned him. After our intervention a while ago he appeared to have stopped producing obscene music but I hear he has started again. We have since tasked ZBC and other arms that we work with to look into the matter. Cases of this nature will be brought to the magistrates, who will in turn charge and fine faulting individuals or groups,” said Chiranganyika.

Zimbabwe Republic Police national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said legal action would be taken.“This is unacceptable behaviour and the culprits are going to be arrested. We appeal to members of the public to alert us each time they come across such unwanted material. Also we want to warn the public that it is not only against our culture to use vulgar but also illegal,” she said .

“In this case our inspectorate department is going to watch/listen to the production in question in their investigations and if there is any violation of the law, we are going to recommend legal action against the culprit, working with the Censorship Board.”
Seh Calaz’s publicist George Damson aka King George, however, distanced his man from the song despite it clearly sounding like the Mbare-bred artiste’s work. He claimed it was a fake Mabhanditi production by people seeking relevance and attention.

“Seh Calaz produced a song ‘Mhanya Nehupenyu Hwako’ after the Agricultural Show dancehall event, which was produced by Levels at Chillspot records. The clip circulating was taken from the song and had vulgarity (added),” said King George.

“The source of this — we do not know up to now. The claim that this was a deliberate publicity seeking stunt is laughable because our work speaks for itself and Seh Calaz is a role model and knows his boundaries. In the technological era we live in, a lot of these pseudo misrepresentations happen and we have no control over it. We have heard several times clips of artistes and politicians mimicked by other people. The clip is not even a minute long.

How can Seh Calaz go into the studio to record a less than a minute song? To what end?”

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