P0RN START and Former Zanu PF losing candidate for Hatfield constituency, William Mutumanje — popularly known as Acie Lumumba — said President Robert Mugabe is too old to sign or commit to any agreement on behalf of Zimbabwe.


Lumumba — who has since launched his Viva Zimbabwe opposition party —  used to be a staunch supporter of 92-year-old Mugabe until a recent fallout, which saw him being dragged to court after he insulted the leader.His sentiments come after Mugabe and South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma entered into a Binational Commission (BNC), which the two statesmen believe will encourage economic growth in their respective countries.

ROBERT MUGABE TOO OLD TO COMMIT TO ANYTHING: LUMUMBA“This is not personal to Mugabe, but any 92-year-old. How do we trust him to sign 15-20 years agreements with international institutions and other bilateral nations?” Lumumba questioned, adding that “Mugabe… is hell-bent on not failing by himself, but taking us with him. Our businesses, schools, hospitals and future will all go down with him”.

“Using simple reason, at the age of 93, if you walk into a bank no matter how bankable your collateral may be, you are considered a high risk client. Why then should Mugabe think he can access finance from the World Bank, if even (local banks) have no room for him,” added Mutumanje.

“It is already a late project (BNC) because this was supposed to have happened four-and-half years ago. They have just given it a new name in a bid to extend their term of incompetence,” he said.

The Viva Zimbabwe leader expressed disgrace at how Mugabe had failed to acknowledge that he had no constitutional standing to continue representing the country’s interests, if his age is anything to go by.

“If Mugabe were to walk into a medical insurance facility to access medical cover, no amount of premiums would make him a worthwhile customer, at best, they can refer and recommend him for a funeral assurance company, Lumumba said, further saying that “the only thing Mugabe should be allowed to sign for is a last will of testament”.

He sarcastically condemned Mugabe and his government for directing their attention to factional fights at the expense of Zimbabweans suffering.“It is a shame that government has shifted its attention on Jonathan Moyo’s $450 000 scam,” Lumumba said.

He said his party had intensified preparations ahead of the fourthcoming 2018 elections.
“Currently, Viva now has a footprint in all 210 constituencies across Zimbabwe. We are preparing our leaders to start grassroots mobilisation in preparation for the elections and first convention which will outline our national prosperity agenda.”

“It is our sacrosanct belief that central to all government decisions and actions must be the prosperity of its people,” he said.

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