Rapist throw live frog at magistrate in court


A robber and rapist serving a 20-year sentence yesterday threw a live frog at a magistrate accusing him of being biased against him.

Xolisani Nkala (30) is alleged to have raped two women but is denying the charges.frog4

He allegedly recorded the sickening sex attack on one of the victims on video and also allegedly raped the other victim thrice with her seven-month-old infant strapped on her back.

Nkala told regional Magistrate Mr Chrispen Mberewere that he was disrespectful.

“Umdala lowu uyadelela (this man is disrespectful)”, he shouted as he fumbled for the frog shoved in his papers and aimed for the magistrate’s chest.

It could not be established where he got the frog as he was coming from custody at Khami Prison.

Mr Mberewere was dumbfounded.

He watched in apparent disbelief as the court interpreter leapt from his seat and caught the frog that was jumping all over his desk.

The interpreter threw the frog out through a window.

There was a scuffle as prison officers struggled to hold Nkala still so that they could handcuff him.

Mr Mberewere slapped Nkala with an effective 30 days in jail for contempt of court before briefly adjourning the session.

He said the sentence will not be served concurrently with his running sentence of 20 years.

When the court resumed Nkala demanded that his matter be heard at the High Court.”I’m no longer comfortable with my matter being tried here. I have had many negative encounters with this court. I feel somehow officials in here are now angry with me and the judgment will be biased,” he said.

Mr Mberewere warned Nkala that if he continued displaying unnecessary drama the court would hold him in the cells and proceed with trial in his absence.

“This is the third time you have come to this court staging silly dramas. The last two times you appeared you were talking about politicians being your witnesses and now you are here today throwing frogs all over the place.

“Be warned that if you keep on making it impossible for this court to proceed with the trial then we will be forced to remove you from the courtroom and proceed in your absence,” said Mr Mberewere.

Nkala has feigned mental illness before to avoid trial but three psychiatrists certified him sane and described him as a drama king.

The first victim whose name has been withheld to protect her identity broke down in court as she narrated how Nkala attacked her.

She said Nkala pretended to be a tout and lured her into a vehicle bound for Esigodini at Mac’s garage in Bulawayo.

She said the driver diverted from the route and dropped her and Nkala at Fort Rixon turn off along Harare Road, where Nkala led her to a bush and raped her once with a condom.

“He was recording the act on his phone while he uttered obscenities that I’m embarrassed to repeat in this court. He then took my money, cellphone and fled,” she said between sobs.

Prosecuting, Mr Simbarashe Manyiwa said: “On the second count, Nkala met a woman at the City Hall in the Bulawayo Central Business District. He asked for her cellphone number and she gave him.”

“He called her the following day claiming that he had secondhand clothes for sale. He asked her to meet him in town so that they could go to Ntabazinduna where the clothes were,” he said.

At Nhlambabaloyi, he allegedly led the woman, who was carrying a baby on her back, into a bush.

Nkala allegedly forced her to kneel and raped her thrice from behind.

In his previous appearance at court last month Nkala’s trial failed to kick off after he had demanded that the State avails Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, Temba Mliswa, Dorcas Sibanda, Prince Sibanda, Joice Mujuru and Nelson Chamisa as his witnesses.