Pimples make Getrude Nkosi’s Life HELL


AT FIRST sight, Getrude Nkosi appears to be suffering from acne. But the 25-year-old from Block AA in Soshanguve, north of Tshwane said there’s something unusual about the small, black marks that cover her whole body.

Getrude claims worms come out of the itchy pimples whenever she scratches them.

She said the problem started in 2010.

“Small, itchy pimples grew on my hands and my doctor said it was an allergy,” said Gertrude.

She was referred to hospital after the treatment she was given failed to cure her.

When she got to hospital, she was diagnosed with acne and eczema and given new medication.

But that also did not help, and the pimples grew bigger.

“It feels like something is moving inside my skin. Once they burst open, worms comes out and I am covered in black spots,” she said.

Her mum took her to a number of traditional healers, but none of their muthi solved her problem.

Getrude nkosi

“One traditional healer said it is mollo wa badimo, meaning ancestral fire.

“Another healer said someone close to our family had cast a spell on me because they were jealous I was doing well at school.

“He told us the person wanted to stop me from helping my family,” said Gertrude.

“Now I use Jeyes Fluid to relieve the pain and it helps a lot.

“’If anyone knows how to cure to me of this terrible disease, please help!”

Sangoma Sibongile Maluleke said Getrude might have been bewitched.

“She must consult a strong sangoma so the spell can be reversed.”

If you would like to help Gertrude, please contact Daily Sun Tshwane on 012 485 925 –  Daily Sun

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