Peter Kagomera begs Alick Macheso for his job BACK


Gifted and talented dancer Peter Kagomera on Sunday took fans down memory lane with a beautiful display on the dance floor at an Alick Macheso show before he begged his former employer to readmit him into the band.

The incident which took place at Zindoga saw fans clapping and gasping in awe as Peter showcased some inimitable moves that made him a household name during his stint at Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

peter-kagomeraZimrealnews was the capture every moment as it happened and Macheso could not hide his love for the troublesome but talented Peter.

“Anonzi Peter iyeye mufana wangu uyu. Ane chipo asi anoti kana zvamubata kana ini anotomboti mudhara ndokukanda chibhakera , the young man is gifted but I don’t know what gets into his head. At some point he can even threaten to beat me up but he remains my child,” Macheso said to applause.

Kagomera then took the opportunity to beg Macheso for another chance highlighting that he was struggling to make ends meet.

“Iko zvino ndakura mudhara, ndiregerereiwo handingafi nenzara muripo, I am now mature boss, please forgive me and give me another chance. I need to survive with my family,” Peter begged as fans could be heard encouraging Macheso to readmit him into the star studded sungura outfit.

In response to Peter’s pleas, Macheso who is the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society’s Humanitarian Ambassador said he had long forgiven Peter and continued supporting him whenever he comes for help.

“Peter mwana wangu uyu. Ndakamuudza kuti door rakavhurika saka anouya ndichimupawo zvekuti awane kuluma nemukadzi nemwana kumba. He is a part of me and whenever he comes I give him something to share with family. About the job, I will engage with the band management because I also need to consult. Panyaya yako iyi ndichanzwawo kune vari kumusoro. Nditoriwo mushandi wekuti ndikatadza ndinotogurirwawo pay,” Macheso said with a chuckle.

After Peter’s display then came another gifted dancer popularly known as Tindo who has become a regular at Macheso’s shows including his hyped album launch at the HICC where he mesmerised fans. So gifted is the young dancer that he had fans drawing closer to the stage to catch a glimpse of him.

The cherry on top to his act was when Macheso joined him in some of his dance routines with so much ease. Macheso proved that even at his age he can still master the moves that made him a darling of many. His connection with the young dancer was magical and fans enjoyed every moment of it.

The Sunday show was unique in its own way as Macheso took fans down memory lane playing some of his old hits which he last played ages ago. That innovation was magical as fans could be scene smiling and jumping with pleasure each time an introductory note to the timeless hits was played.

Some critics have attributed the new development to the return of prodigal son Noel Nyazanda who recorded most of these hits with Macheso. Macheso gelled well with Nyazanda on stage and now and then they could be heard digressing and playing new tunes as a precursor of what could be awaiting fans in the new album.

Meanwhile, Macheso takes his act to Chivhu Hall tonight before playing at the Police Commissioner General’s Fun Fare at Morris Depot tomorrow. He then winds up his weekend diary with a family show at Jongwe corner in Hatfield on Sunday.

His management team of Lucky Macheso and Tich Makahamadze revealed that good times are rolling at the all-conquering music outfit and fans should brace for the best from the group over the weekend and moving into the future.

“Every band member at Orchestra Mberikwazvo is unique in their own way and we give them the respect they deserve. As as you can see from our performances, the system is well-oiled and we are promising nothing short of blockbuster shows. We are already looking at the logistics for the new album and the confidence levels in the band speak of a good project to come,” the duo said.

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