Pastor Evan Mawarire’s Church about to SHUT DOWN


Pastor Evan Mawarire’s Church in Harare is about to fold with only about 40 people now attending since the Pastor fled the country for greener pastures.

The cleric and his wife are now settled in the USA after fleeing Zimbabwe fearing for their lives. Pastor Mawarire’s church was formed in 2010, and is located at number 24 Van Praagh Avenue in Milton Park, Harare.

The church’s Chitungwiza branch has since closed. A church official said, “A number of people have since stopped attending church services ever since Pastor Mawarire left. His (Pastor Mawarire) unannounced departure left many people in doubt of his cleric qualities, resulting in a number of people returning to their traditional churches such as Roman Catholic and Anglican.

“Those who are still attending services are mainly his close relatives and friends, not truth seekers.” However, another church leader who refused to be named defended Pastor Mawarire.

“He is still our senior pastor at His Generation Church and he has to come back at some point, but we are still conducting services,” he said.

“Pastor Mawarire regularly sends videos clips to the congregation on Sundays and on our closed WhatsApp group to prove that we are still together and going strong.”

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