Nonhle Thema says Bonang ‘saved her’


It’s no secret that Nonhle Thema who was once Mzansi’s ‘it girl’ is a completely different person compared to the person everyone knew back then.

The controversy and the drama is all in the past for Nonhle, who has been out of the spotlight for the past few years.nonhle thema

But let’s be honest no one will ever forget Nonhle’s Twitter meltdown in 2011, where she bragged about the millions she made, and completely lost her cool.

For Nonhle, that woman is nothing but a memory from the past. During an interview,Nonhle reflected on retiring from the industry.

The former TV star said that when Bonang entered the industry, she actually felt “relieved”.

“I was done with this ‘it girl’ thing when Bonang really stepped up, I was like WHOAH! She saved me, because honestly, I was at the pinnacle of the industry as a female, especially when I did my reality show.

I was the go-to person and then I also fed the media so I was the media frenzy, I liked dating rappers, I was everything, the package, not knowing that I was losing my soul through it all because I became somebody that I wasn’t really. So I was really happy when the IT girl titled was relinquished from me.”

The former TV star added that if she returned to the industry it would be different, because being an ‘it girl’ was no longer important to her.

“If I come back in the industry I want it to be authentic, I want it to be a reflection of the Nonhle that is born now, the mom that I am, the woman who cares about women, children because that’s who I am and that’s the space that I am in,” she added.