Mshoza accused of being a ‘con artist’


Mshoza has shot down accusations that she “conned” a Netherlands woman out of thousands of rand, in exchange for skin lightening products.

Mshoza’s love for skin lightening isn’t a secret, with news about her transformation splashed all over the internet.

So it isn’t surprising that when Priya Khoshal searched for skin lightening products, she stumbled across articles about Mshoza.

Priya reached out to Mshoza to get the products she needed to lighten her skin.

Priya allegedly transferred R21,690 into Mshoza’s account in November last year, but hasn’t received the products yet. “I trusted her because she’s a celebrity, but I’ve given her too many chances. I’m tired now. I just want my money back,” she told the publication.

However, Mshoza has rubbished that she ‘conned’ the woman out of her money, claiming that there was a delay in the delivery process.

“I’m not a con artist. If I was desperate for money, I’d ask my fiancĂ© to give me money and not rob people all the way in the Netherlands,” she said.

Mshoza’s skin lightening procedures have hogged headlines on numerous occasions. Last year a picture of her undergoing a series of treatments to look like Nicki Minaj went viral.

Despite getting major backlash Mshoza has said that a “mystery condition” was the reason she had so many procedures done.