Mistress’ Punani KILLS MAN as he dies during poking


A secret hookup  with a side chick ended in a really weird tragedy when a man had a sudden heart attack in the middle of a steamy session with his mistress.

As if fate didn’t have a more cruel twist to it,  the man suffocated the side chick after collapsing on her. He had tied her on the bed trying to imitate 50 Shades Of Grey. She died as a result of lacking oxygen

“They were supposed to check out so we sent one of our managers to check on them if they were facing any challenges then we heard no answer. Thinking they had left we decided to open the door and we found two bodies on the bed” the head manager of African Sun Hotel in Bloemfontein said in a press statement.

Further police investigations following their deaths concluded that the deceased man in fact had a wife and 3 children at home and the woman he was with was his mistress.

The medical examiner at the hospital revealed that the deceased man had a prevalent heart condition before so the nature of their se_xual encounter might have caused unnecessary pressure on his heart.

“Of course we don’t discourage people to experiment in bed but if it risks your health you might want to tone it down a bit” one of the medical staff who is an expert in heart conditions cautioned.

Contact has since been opened with the mistress family and they were shocked to learn that their daughter had been involved with a married man. They declined to give any comments to the pres and asked for privacy to mourn their daughter.

Source: Online

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