MEET IDENTICAL TWIN GRANNIES WHO HAVE BECOME THE TALK OF BULAWAYO. These Two  64-year-old identical twin sisters have become the talk of Entumbane in Bulawayo.

Violet and Jesta
Violet and Jesta

Ms Jesta and Violet Mabaisa who have never been married have been staying in Entumbane since 1981 and look set to continue living together until death does them part.The golden girls have never been married but have two children each. Jesta had her first child in 1976 and Violet, as she said, felt left behind and had hers the following year. Asked if they had ever considered marriage, the twins responded simultaneously, saying they chose to stay
unmarried because marriage would have messed up their relationship.

“I believe if we were ever going to be married it would have to be to twin brothers because they would understand the bond which we have. If that had failed we would have married a single man to take care of both of us but that did not happen,” said Violet, as Jesta chuckled in apparent approval.

The two grannies said they used to stay in two semi-detached houses next to each other, but decided to move into one house and lease out the other.

“We used to rent a house in Mpopoma together and in 1981, we bought these houses and we made a request that the houses be joined, which was not a problem since here the houses are semi-detached and in our houses, we had identical furniture.

The women reminisced about the time one of them had to go and work outside the country and how their relationship was affected when they were apart.

“That was the toughest phase in our lives, but we had no option because she had to work for the family. She came back home every month to see us and the children. At that time I wasn’t working so she was taking care of both families, now I am the only one who is working, I work at Lobel’s as a general hand and I am taking care of the family.

We used to work together before, we once worked at Security Mills and at Blue Express,” said Jesta.

“We are afraid of what will happen if one of us dies. I can never imagine life without my other half. This is the longest love term there is. Till death do us part,” said Violet.


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