Masvingo woman DUMPS 2 Kids in Bulawayo


A woman who came to Bulawayo from Masvingo in search of her husband dumped her two children in an alley in the central business district last week after he refused to cooperate on their upkeep.

The children, one aged four and the other one five months, were found by a security guard who was on duty. Vongai Masaire (33) left the siblings in an alley at Jason Moyo and 10th Avenue. Masaire told a Bulawayo magistrate that she dumped her children out of anger because her husband was not helping her to look after them.

“I’m sick so I can’t breastfeed my baby. The child needs formula milk and my husband is not helping. I came here looking for him but he didn’t cooperate. I’m sorry for my actions. I abandoned my children out of anger, I wasn’t thinking straight at that moment,” said Masaire.

Bulawayo Magistrate Miss Evelyn Mashavakure sentenced Masaire to a wholly suspended four months imprisonment.

“This sentence will be suspended on condition that for the next five years you don’t repeat a similar offence or any involving abuse of children. What you did is totally unacceptable especially when this court considers the ages of your children and the time that you left your children unattended. However it will consider that you are a single parent and a first offender,” said Miss Mashavakure.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said Masaire’s children were found by a security guard Mr Herbert Gapare who took care of them.“Accused person went into an alley with her two children. She came back without them and asked Mr Gapare for directions. She went back to the alley then left again without her children,” said Mr Dlodlo.

“Mr Gapare heard the older child calling after her mother. He emerged carrying the younger child. He took the children to where he was working. Mr Gapare tried to run after the accused but she was nowhere to be seen.

He realised that the children had been dumped. He later reported the matter to the police.”

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