Masvingo Shop Manager Drowns


A manager of a leading retail outlet in Masvingo drowned after his car plunged into the flooded Mucheke river on Sunday evening.

Residents of Mucheke who were present as the body and the car were being retrieved from the flooded river said a fellow motorist who was driving behind the deceased on Sunday evening called the police to inform them that the car ahead of him had plunged into the river.

Masvingo Shop Manager DrownsA search was then conducted on Monday but the car was not found until Tuesday evening. A vendor at Chitima flea market Mr Danford Mazorodze became the hero of the day after he dived into the flooded river to search for the car and retrieve the late Mwale`s body.

Mazorodze said he took the risk to dive into the river as the deceased was his high school teacher.”People were arguing about where the car could be, we then threw a rock and when it hit something I knew it had to be the car.

So because Mwale was my teacher I just had to  dive in and search for the car and I
retrieved the body,” said Mr Mazorodze.

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