Marriage collapses as Harare man beds best Friend’s wife


A waterfalls couple’s marriage collapsed when the wife was allegedly involved in an adulterous affair with her husband’s best friend.

Justice Gorwa says he divorced his wife Chantelle Chifamba?s illicit affair with his friend Talent Guhwa when she fell sick after allegedly aborting the latter?s pregnancy.

Speaking to H-Metro, Justice said the adulterous affair between Chantelle and Talent was the greatest betrayal he has gone through in his life.



There is nothing as heart-rending as being hurt by people you trust. I never thought that my best friend and my wife would be so heartless and that they would have a se_xual relationship.

“People in our neighbourhood used to tell me that something fishy was going on between my wife and Talent but I never took it serious because I thought they didn’t understand how we relate as families. I only got to know about it when Chantelle aborted the pregnancy and Talent started demanding the child from her,” said Justice.

Narrating how his wife cheated on him, Justice said Chantelle and Talent allegedly shared the forbidden fruit when he was at work.

“I have always been a good husband and father. I would go out of my way to support my wife as well as our child but for some reason I wasn’t good enough for Chantelle. I used to send her money during the time that she was sleeping with Talent since I was out-of-town with work. When I came back, Talent started demanding the baby from Chantelle that she had aborted and that was how I got to know about it. The issue of her abortion has become the talk in our neighbourhood and the woman who helped her to abort is also in our neighbourhood. The fetus is said to have been dumped close to some banana trees in our neighbourhood,? he said.

Meanwhile, Chantelle has since applied for a protection order against Justice at the Harare civil court. She claims that Justice started to be violent towards her accusing her of cheating on him. ?He is the one who has been cheating. I discovered it through text messages he has been sending to his girlfriend. I left his house na_ked because he said I came with nothing and I was supposed to go back without anything. He has been coming to my mother?s place hurling stones and urinating in the garden,? she said.

Talent?s wife, only identified as Amai Wayne, confirmed her husband?s affair with Chantelle. She also said the affair was now straining her marriage. ?My husband and I have never been in good books ever since the time he had an adulterous affair with Chantelle. He has been accusing me of being the reason Chantelle aborted the pregnancy but I wasn’t involved in all of that,? she said.

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