Man rapes 84 year old GOGO


A heartless thug sneaked into an 84-year-old’s house through the window in the early hours of Sunday morning and repeatedly raped a Gogo!

When the rapist finally left her and went to the kitchen, she managed to flee through the window in her bloody nightdress and gown.

The gogo from Sharpeville in the Vaal managed to get help from her neighbours after knocking on their window.

Man rapes 84 year old GOGOHer 43-year-old neighbour told Daily Sun: “My husband and I woke up to someone knocking on the bedroom window.

“We heard a soft voice asking for help.

“When we opened the front door we saw there was blood all over the gogo’s nightclothes and face. We went to her house after she told us what had happened but the rapist was gone.

“The sheets on her bed were covered in blood and she told us he had hit her face with a rock.”

When the SunTeam visited gogo’s home this week she was lying in bed shaking.

“My body and mind are still disturbed.

“I cannot tell you how I feel. I pray that the police will find this boy and that he faces justice.”

The gogo’s 49-year-old daughter said whoever did this to her mother was nothing but a monster.

“Who does this to an old woman?

“No normal man would do something like this to a gogo. I hope justice takes its course and he dies in jail,” she said.

Police spokesman Captain Attie Loate confirmed that a case of rape was opened.

“The case was referred to the special unit and investigations are underway.

“No arrests have yet been made,” he said.

Source: DailySun

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