Man KILLS Mother because she didn’t make him SADZA


A man from Chivhu stoned his mother to death after she did not prepare sadza for him. Doubt Mubvanyika returned home from a neighbouring business centre and flew into a rage after his mother had not prepared any food for him. He then took a small pot and started preparing sadza but his mother told him to use a bigger pot so that he would share the food with his mother and young brother.

This did not go down well with Mubvanyika who insisted on using a small pot and the two started quarrelling until the son took a cooking stick and hit his mother’s abdomen several times.The mother picked a stone and threw it at her son in self-defense.  Mubvanyika then withdrew and picked some bricks and stones which he threw at his mother until she died.

He has since been arrested by the Police and was supposed to appear in Court on Wednesday facing murder charges. His mother Naume Madyangove who was 68.

Mubvayanyika admitted to cops that he killed his mother.

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