Man Caught Red Handed having S-E-X with a CHICKEN


A man heard his chicken’s cry for help and when he came out of his house he allegedly saw his neighbor pants down poking the poor bird.

“I thought it was thieves who wanted to steal my chickens. To my surprise, I found Knowledge Sibanda with his trousers at knee level raping one of them,” said Dali Chuma.

Sibanda has since appeared before Headman Londi and his stunt with the chicken left villagers at Phakama village in stitches.

He could have avoided embarrassment had he kept to his promise of privately compensating Chuma.

“He offered to pay me $20 as compensation but later changed his mind. His argument was that he did not rape the chicken,” said Chuma. Adding that his chicken was left injured and could not walk. It’s not clear if he meant that it was by mutual consent between him and the chicken or the incident never took place. But Sibanda told B-Metro that it was not true because Chuma had a vendetta.

“Chuma wants to tarnish my image! Why would I go for a hen when I have a wife at home? Even if I wanted to have se_x with a chicken, why would I have it with his chicken when I have my own? What’s special about this chicken that grown a man like me would crave for?” said Sibanda.

Headman Londi could not be drawn to comment on the matter as his phone was unreachable.

Source-B metro

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