Makoti wont let her family perfom rituals for her dead gogo


ALL the dead gogo wants is for rituals to be done at the house where she died.

But the woman who lives in the house won’t allow them to do the rituals.

And now the gogo, Constance Sibanda, who died in 2004, is haunting her granddaughter, Johanna Sikhosana (43).

Johanna, of Alexandra, Joburg, who is a sangoma,  she has been speaking to her family about her gogo’s demands.

“But they tell me the makoti who lives in the family house doesn’t want to give them access,” she said.

johanna-sikhosanaThe woman, Ester Sibanda, was married to Johanna’s brother when he died.

Now Ester is married to another man and they won’t let the family into the house in Alex.

Johanna said she is in pain.

“The gogo comes to me every night. She keeps me awake. She tells me bad things are going to happen to us,” she said.

“When I throw the bones all I see is darkness. My ancestors tell me I need to honour them by performing the rituals.”

Johanna’s mother, Patricia Sibanda (59), the daughter of the dead gogo, said at first her mother came to her demanding a tombstone.

“She started beating up the family,” she said.

“We came together and erected the stone and she was happy, but late last year she came to demand rituals.”

She confirmed that her former makoti, Ester, won’t give them access.

“How can Ester bring another surname into my mother’s house? She was supposed to move out but she is still in the house.

“It is an insult to the Sibanda family,” she said.

Ester Sibanda said the Sibanda family comes to the house and breaks windows and doors.

Ester said she will not discuss her family problems in the media.

“Yes, I am married to another man. We are staying in the house. You can write whatever you want,” she said and put down the phone.

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