Khanyi Mbau claps back at ‘not a real black’ comments


A Twitter user, who thought it was a clever idea to question Khanyi Mbau about not being a “real black” anymore was quickly schooled by the TV star.

Let’s be honest guys, everyone knows that Khanyi doesn’t mince her words and has zero F’s to give when it comes to haters.Khanyi mbau

So it’s not surprising that she hit back hard when a tweep commented on her recent Previdar cover shoot, saying Khanyi was “no longer black”.

@MbauReloaded ur no longer black you..or you never were.. the case of Ms Langa

The Twitter user was making reference to Khanyi’s dramatic skin-lightening procedures, which she has never kept a secret.

But nothing could’ve prepared the user for Khanyi’s response…it was just epic!

I was never worldly babe! Nothing earth can handle. Never been hence why everyone misunderstands me so much!! Give it another 5yrs.