Jonathan Moyo faces ARREST – Zanu-PF Lawyer


Zanu-PF deputy secretary for Legal Affairs who was the co-chairperson of the Constitution-making Committee, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana, said there was no provision in the Constitution that demanded that law enforcement agents must first seek permission when arresting ministers.

“The minister has no immunity because he is a citizen just like everybody else,” said Cde Mangwana.“There is no legal provision that ministers are immune to prosecution while they are in office.

Jonathan Moyo
Jonathan Moyo faces ARREST

Reporting to the President about a minister’s impending arrest is just a political courtesy. The only person who enjoys immunity is the President. No one else enjoys that, even ministers while they are in office.

“People should not try to hide behind a finger by claiming that the (Zimbabwe) Anti-Corruption Commission has no mandate to investigate alleged corruption on ministers. In fact, they are allowed by the Constitution to investigate and report to the police who then use their discretion to determine whether indeed there is a prima facie case or not.

If a minister commits a crime, ZACC has a constitutional right to investigate them.”

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