The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission says Professor Jonathan Moyo and his deputy Gandawa looted Zimdef funds for their personal benefit.


Goodson Nguni, a ZACC commissioner said they had documents, receipts, affidavits and bank statements to prove that the minister of higher education and Gandawa channelled the $430, 000 to their personal use.Nguni told journalists that Zimdef money was used to pay rentals for girlfriends and female journalists, personal business premises and to buy office furniture among other things.

“The public has been bombarded with lies, half-truths and complete fabrications by people who are facing charges of fraud, abuse of office, money laundering arising out of violation of the National Manpower Development Act,” said Nguni.

He added, “I am aware that investigations have obtained, legally, all source documents relating to the release of Zimdef funds and followed the paper and money trail from Zimdef to the final destination of the monies paid out by Zimdef.”

JONATHAN MOYO LOOTED ZIMDEF $430K FUNDS FOR PERSONAL GAIN“No monies from Zimdef benefitted any political party. All monies paid out have been traced to the personal benefit of Moyo, Dr Gandawa, Mr Hozheri and Mr Maputse assisted these actions. The monies from Zimdef were used to pay for personal furniture, bicycles and payment of loans owed by persons who may be charged,” Nguni further said.

Also, according to Nguni, $70 00 was paid out to settle a personal loan by Gandawa with thousands of dollars withdrawn by his (Gandawa) personal assistant and driver.

“Thousands were paid out to finance personal business interest of the officials in the Higher and Tertiary Ministry. Thousands of dollars were paid to finance purchases of personal companies of these officials to supply goods of the Universities including ZOU and Great Zimbabwe,” said Nguni.

He went on: “We legally obtained bank statements and all source documents and would like to confirm that contrary to what the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education is saying in the media, no benefit from Zimdef funds in respect of our investigations have benefitted any political party or been used for that purpose.

“It is false to say that Zimdef funded the one million man march, it is false that Zimdef funds were used to fund any meeting of political parties.”

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