A woman from Harare says her husband is beating her up because she is more educated than him.


Barbra Mahlunge said Rambakuzibwa  (60) attacked her for having better qualifications than him. Mahlunge, who was seeking a protection order against Rambakuzibwa, for constantly attacking her whenever he returns from his girlfriend, told magistrate Mrs Gamuchirai Siwardi that they have been married for 21 years.

“I never reported the abuse before because I thought as we were growing older, his behaviour would change, but he is getting worse,” said Mahlunge, adding; “he constantly kicks me, and recently broke my leg.” Mahlunge told the court that Rambakuzibwa ran away from their matrimonial home and left her with no money to look after herself.

She also told the court that he used a baton to beat her hands and also burnt all her educational qualifications and medical reports. Mahlunge also stated that her husband took all the property to his girlfriend, where he is now staying.“When he goes out every time, he brings diseases at home and he once infected me with a s.ex.ually transmitted infection, yet he never paid for the medication that I used,” she said.

Rambakuzibwa denied the allegations saying Mahlunge was an educated devious woman who was trying to take him out of the picture so that she inherits their house in Masvingo. He also claimed that Mahlunge got sick because she had a miscarriage.

Mrs Siwardi granted Mahlunge’s application and ordered Rambakuzibwa not to abuse his wife.

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