Jah Prayzah made Gonyet his S#X SLAVE, plus allegations of NYORO


Former Jah Prayzah Dancer, Gonyeti has tearfully opened up about how she was s#xually abused by Jah Prayzah many times without protection.

“I did not want this information to go public. I just got angry in a meeting last week and spilled the beans in front of other people. We were only five in the meeting and tempers flared until I reminded him about his s.ex escapades in anger. It is embarrassing to share a story of s3xual abuse with the world and I thought the issue would end in the meeting. I was surprised to see a story about it in a newspaper and I feel so bad, but I don’t have anything to hide anymore,” she told The Herald.

Gonyeti CryingShe admitted having been abused s#xually without protection by Jah Prayzah on numerous occasions for the past three years to safeguard her job, but insisted she had no plans to make the sensitive issue public.

“Many women do not disclose issues related to sxual abuse because they are afraid of stigmatisation. I was one of them. What will people say when they know Jah Prayzah had sxually abused me without protection? I had to live with it. I had to please my paymaster. Now they have told the world about it and the most painful thing is that Jah Prayzah is saying I am lying. Why would I lie that I slept with him? Why would I lie to embarrass myself . . . ” for a moment she could not continue as she wept uncontrollably.

Gonyeti said the sxual abuse was the main reason why she left Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation band.“I asked myself why I was hanging on when I was being abused in many ways. I was a s.ex slave and I was also not getting paid for my services in the band. I just had to keep pleasing my master with my body, my voice and my energy for nothing. I just said ‘enough is enough’ and I quit the band. Honestly, the issue of sxual abuse was personal. Now they have told the world about it and everyone will see me as a dirty person.”

The energetic dancer said during tours, other band members would share hotel rooms and Jah Prayzah, as the boss, was always booked alone and he abused that scenario to have quality time with his subordinate before and after shows.

“I always shared the room with Stimela (Fatima Katiji, the other female vocalist) and I would be called to the boss’ room and leave her alone. We also met at various places in Harare during the week when we were off duty. That was the life I led at Third Generation. It was risky because I knew many other girls that Jah Prayzah was involved with.

“He has many girlfriends among his fans and we knew most of them. When such a person continuously demands unprotected s#x, it becomes dangerous. He says he does not fear contracting any s#xually-transmitted infections because he is circumcised.”

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