A man has spoken of the trauma he faced when he tried to save Apostle Charles Chiriseri who was involved in a horrific accident. Apostle Chiriseri died on the spot when his Toyota Hilux double cab overturned near Mbembesi area in Matabeleland North province. His wife survived and is recovering from the injuries sustained in that accident.

She is currently admitted at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo. Happymore Musakwa was one of the first people to get to the scene. He said all his efforts to save the Apostle were in vain as it was a little too late when they arrived on the scene.

PASTOR CHIRISERI“I work in Hwange and on that fateful day, I was travelling to Harare by bus. We were in the Mbembesi area and we noticed that an accident had just occurred. What first caught our eyes was the groceries scatted on the tarmac before we saw a Toyota truck that had landed on its roof.

“The bus that we were travelling on stopped and most of the passengers disembarked with keenness to assist the victims and know what could have transpired. When we drew closer to the accident scene, we heard a sound coming from the car, there was someone crying but with a very low voice. We concluded that he was trapped,” said Mr Musakwa.

“I rushed to remove the seat belt of the man who was behind the steering but upon removing it, I realised that he was already breathing his last,” he said. Even up to now I am still traumatized with the experience of that night. I only got to realise the man I tried to save was popular through the newspapers.

“When we were assisting the man, we then noticed that there was another person on the roadside (Pastor Petunia Chiriseri). We concluded that the person could have been thrown out of the car when the accident occurred.

“We attended to her and at that time she was unconscious and injured. As more and more people were arriving at the scene, we then left with our bus,” narrated Mr Musakwa.

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