I Might Marry another Wife just like my father who had 15 wives -Tocky Vibes


Tocky  Vibes says he does not rule out marrying another wife just like his father who had 15.

I grew up in an apostolic church and my father had 15 wives, so you can imagine how large the family was. Living such a life helped me learn about people and how to live well with others. I experienced a lot of things growing up,” said Tocky.

“For now I am just living for my music and I am married to one wife. As for the future, I don’t know what God has in store, so I will not rule out anything,” he told The Standard.

Tocky has a new single, titled Vanoshora, which is undeniably a house song. He said he will not limit himself to Zimdancehall.

“I am a rising musician and someone who is still very young. As such, I cannot tell myself that I can only do just one type of music. I do not have to limit myself,” he said

TOCKY-VIBEZ“I want my music to go global, for every country to hear my music and my message. There are different people in the world and we need to try out different styles in order to reach everyone.

Tocky said he was no longer interested in featuring in medleys where numerous Zimdancehall artists feature on the same beat, but had resolved to have his music producers compile beats specifically for him that would distinguish him as an artist.

He said such a move had allowed him to be flexible in his musical journey.