I mast#rbate in public whenever i see a beautiful woman – PLEASE HELP ME


Question: I am a 27-year-old male suffering from a strange problem. Whenever I visit a public place and see some female dressed skimpily, exposing any of her body parts, even showing her bra strap unintentionally I end up shivering and ejaculat1ng. In fact, at times I mast#rbate on the go. I know it’s weird but I am totally helpless. Please guide me on how to get rid of this habit.

Answer by Dr Ashima Pruthi: I am afraid, this habit of yours is not only strange but highly unacceptable socially! We live in a society and need to function accordingly, hence I would advise you to immediately refer to a psychiatrist to get to the root of your problem for such habits have a root cause in depression and familial troubles.

Also, for now please try and control this habit of yours before you land into trouble and as mentioned above, kindly see a medical practitioner at the earliest.

– Dr Ashima Pruthi is a Counsellor and Psychologist.
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Source: Times of India