Gokwe woman gives BIRTH to a FROG!!!


A woman from Gokwe says she has given birth to a frog-like creature after an eight months pregnancy.

Mrs Precious Nyathi (36) passed out soon after giving birth to the scary thing.Her husband took her to Gokwe District Hospital, where the creature later died.However, the couple of Mr Nomore (39) and Mrs Nyathi which was expecting their first child together kept the frog in their bedroom for some days before villagers tipped the local traditional leader who ordered that it be burnt before a stunned crowd.

woman gives birth to frog
Mrs Nyathi explaining her ordeal to villagers at Chief Njelel’s homestead yesterday

The incident which is now the talk of Gokwe occurred last Thursday at Sidojiwe Village under Chief Njelele.

The couple brought the creature to Chief Njelele’s homestead and a self proclaimed prophet in the community took it upon himself to burn the creature which had shrivelled and dried up. He alleged that a jealous neighbour had bewitched the couple.

Mr Nyathi said they have been holding on to their “child” because they were still confused and did not know what to do with it. “We were all confused following this hellish experience and until today I don’t have peace of mind. We were expecting a child and this is what the heavens gave us. I had to keep it in my home waiting for advice from the village elders as well as our local chief,” Mr Nyathi sobbed.

Mrs Nyathi said she was still in a state of shock and the experience will haunt her for the whole of her life.

“It’s a hellish experience which will haunt me all my life. I don’t know how our traditional leader will help us on this one because the hospital authorities could not give us any explanation to this,” said Mrs Nyathi who has two children from a previous marriage.

Chief Njelele said there were many weird things that occur in Gokwe but a woman giving birth to a frog was stranger.

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