Funniest Name on Facebook – Kissmore Dengurenyengo


Funniest Name on Facebook – Kissmore Dengurenyengo. Today we take a look at the names some people use on Social Media. He named his profile┬áKissmore Dengurenyengo and found it to be the funniest today. Obviously its not his real name and its these kind of profiles that men use to get babes on Facebook…

His photos on Facebook include these ones below…

Sugar Mamma Sugar Mamma

Here are a few more names people use on Facebook that are fake…

Svirorist Byron

Jonso Manyengamvana

Alfred Munodazvinhu

Phidzason Mudapakati

Shelly Chikapa

Johnson Musvirimukuru

Give us more in comments if you have seen a Fake Funny name on Facebook…


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