DZAMARA RETURNS: I’M BACK HE SAYS | Missing Itai Dzamara’s brother, Patson has returned home today from New York. He said : “As soon as I got my passport stamped at the Harare International Airport a certain man (from the system of course) approached me. In under a minute he told me that Mugabe was about to arrive and Zanu PF supporters were milling around the airport, waiting to welcome him. Not only that, he also told me that some actually intended to harm me.

DZAMARA RETURNS: I'M BACK HE SAYSWith his help, I was able to expedite the process of clearing my bags before he whisked me away. I quickly got onto a cab to a point where my arranged transport picked me. God is amazing, I don’t know this person but he used him to protect me.Never again shall we the citizens of Zimbabwe lounge back in indifference while politicians urinate on our heads telling us that its rain.

This is a watershed moment for our nation. We can’t lose this moment. As such, I make a commitment to continue doing my best to do my duty to God and my country. I can’t run away from my country despite the omnipresence of danger as a result of my resolute
stand against Mugabe and his minions’ misrule.

I know no other home than Zimbabwe and I will never run away from Mugabe. I am prepared to die for my convictions and what I believe to be right, if need be.

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