Two n@ked women were caught red-handed at a house in Rhodene suburb in Masvingo in the wee hours of Wednesday after a prophet claimed that he trapped them while they were on a “bewitching” mission.

The incident which shocked residents of the leafy suburb happened at a member of the Miracle Healing Deliverance Church congregant Mr Sylvester Ndebele’s house allegedly after church founder Prophet Isaac Makomichi used his “powers” to trap the women.But people are also doubting the whole episode after the prophet’s aide allegedly whisked away the two women after police had arrived to investigate the issue. It is said the youthful prophet phoned Mr Ndebele around 1am informing him that he had trapped witches in his yard who
wanted to bewitch his sick mother.

DRAMA & CHAOS AS 2 WITCHES STRANDED NA.KED IN MASVINGOWhen Mr Ndebele checked in his yard, he saw the women and within a few minutes, the self-proclaimed prophet also arrived to authenticate his claim. Prophet Makomichi then phoned police to come and pick the two women. It is said that when the police arrived, the two women started cackling like hyenas while a similar sound was also heard from the gate.

The police officers are said to have temporarily scurried for cover on hearing the sounds and that was when Mr Ndebele allegedly threatened to shoot the two women.

But it is said that when Mr Ndebele went into the house to get his “gun”, a man suspected to be an aid to Prophet Makomichi shoved the two into a car and drove away before police could question them.Contacted for comment Prophet Makomichi (22) of Rhodene suburb said it was the Lord who showed him the witches and ordered him to stop their evil works.

“When Jesus was performing miracles; helping the blind see and the deaf hear, some people did not believe him. Likewise  many people do not understand how the witches came to my congregants house unless you are led by the Holy Spirit,” said Prophet Makomichi.

“It is me who phoned the police as I wanted even the law enforcers to testify. Had it not that they disappeared, my aim was to take them to the police after which they would be paraded in church before I pray for them.”

Although Mr Ndebele confirmed the incident, he doubted if it was real and suspected his church leader could have stage-managed the whole episode.

“I am a member of Prophet Makomichi’s church together with some of my children. I have benefited from his prayers before but I doubt if those witches were genuine. My conviction is that the incident could have been stage-managed considering the way the events unfolded,” said Mr Ndebele.

He said if ever the women were witches, they could not have been whisked away despite his threat to harm them.The youthful prophet is gaining popularity in Masvingo as he is said to be performing a number of miracles.

“He turns your palm into a mini-television set where one sees a response to what you ask depicting the date of engagement to those asking for jobs or wedding to those seeking marriage,” said a congregant Ms Idah Moses.

Contacted for comment acting Masvingo police spokesperson Sergeant Crispen Gwashu could not confirm or deny the incident saying the matter had not yet been brought to his attention.

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