Drama as woman walks in on father bonking girlfriend clobbers him


WHEN Gertrude Khumalo from Emganwini suburb in Bulawayo decided to visit her elderly father Mjuza Khumalo who stays at Sotshangane Flats she was full of smiles not knowing that she was going to have a nasty surprise from her old man.

Gertrude was in extreme shock when she found her father in the comfort of another woman who was apparently giving him the time of his life.

However, all hell broke loose when she started assaulting the woman while accusing her of squandering her father’s money and subsequently causing him to neglect her mother who stays in the rural areas.

When Mjuza tried to rescue his alleged lover from the daring daughter, he however, got more than what he had bargained for when Gertrude severely clobbered him while accusing him of being disrespectful to her mother.

As a result of the attack Mjuza sustained a loose tooth and last Friday he approached the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a restraining order against his daughter.

mjuza-khumalo-courtI want the court to assist me by granting a protection order against my daughter Gertrude Khumalo who does not respect me as her father. She came to my place and became violent after she found me with another person in the house. At first she started having an altercation with that person and when I tried to restrain her from assaulting her, she turned against me and assaulted me.

“As a result of the attack I sustained a loose tooth. Gertrude and other children Reinford and Bhekinkosi are always coming to my house to threaten me so that I give them money from tenants yet they do not not help me when I have problems, especially the other time when I fell sick,” said Mjuza.

In response, Gertrude refuted her father’s accusations saying he was the one who tried to attack her after she questioned him about the woman she found him with in the house.

“I didn’t physically assault him. What happened is that when I visited him at his house I found him in the company of another woman. Just imagine my mother is alive and staying in the rural areas where she is struggling to make ends meet yet he is spending money on other women.

“When I asked who the woman was, he ordered me get out of the house and in the process he tried to attack me. I grabbed his hands and we wrestled with each other and that is when he sustained a loose tooth,” said Gertrude.

In his ruling presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova warned and cautioned Gertrude sternly warning her not to assault her father.


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