A man from Masvingo maintained another man’s child for 16 years until a DNA test exonerated him. Now Cuthbert Damba (46), a former Masvingo teacher wants all his money back. Damba, who is now an informal trader after resigning from teaching in 2012, had been maintaining his lover’s son — who is now in Form 3 —since his birth in 2000.He is also demanding money from his ex-lover Elizabeth Makamure — a foreign currency dealer — for defamation of character. The former school teacher won a court reprieve to stop paying maintenance on Tuesday after paternity tests conducted on August 31 this year, proved that he was not the biological father of his ex-lover’s son.

Masvingo provincial magistrate Mr Victor Muhammad presided over the case. Damba also wants to be restituted the $350 he paid for paternity tests. He wants to be repaid the $1 620 he paid for 27 months since June 2014 until August this year as maintenance for Makamure’s son.

DNA TestDamba says the courts should determine the amount he should be repaid by Makamure for the maintenance he paid during the Zimbabwe dollar era.“To be honest, I had not seen the boy ever since he was born but this woman (Makamure) made me to maintain him for 16 years. I only saw him on 31 August this year when we went for paternity tests in Harare,’’ he said.

“The good thing is that my wife believed what I was saying so there were no problems in my family because of the maintenance I was paying to Makamure. I insisted on paternity tests because I knew I would be vindicated, I do not sire children outside marriage, that is not in me,’’ Damba explained.

Damba met Makamure in Chivi in 2000 when he was teaching at Tokwe Primary school. The two dated for three months after which Makamure told his lover that she was pregnant. The former school teacher developed high blood pressure after Makamure told her about the pregnancy.Damba became suspicious after Makamure gave birth at a date that was not compatible with the time the pair were in love.

This pushed him to insist on paternity tests which eventually vindicated him 16 years later.

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