Cheating Police Officer goes crazy after getting caught doing that!!!


A police man’s wife was shocked when she saw this picture of her husband kissing another woman.

She confronted him and he lost it. Sergeant Jullian Mapetere stationed at Luveve Police Station last week ran amok and smashed window panes of a house belonging to his wife’s grandmother. His wife Sibonginkosi Moyo said: “I am now living in fear following this incident. What happened is that for a long time I had been suspecting that my husband was cheating on me after I stumbled upon a string of love texts in his phone from another woman.

Jullian Mapetere caught cheatingWhen I phoned the woman she identified herself as Busi. At first she apologised saying she didn’t know that Jullian was married but she was now phoning me and insulting me.

“My suspicions were proven true when a man who claimed he had been sent by someone who works with my husband brought a memory card and said I should go through it to see what my husband was doing behind my back.

When I went through it I was shocked to see pictures of him and his girlfriend doing things. Trouble started when he returned home and I showed him the pictures. He immediately turned violent and started smashing window panes and damaged the main door.”

She said she was contemplating suing the girlfriend for destroying her marriage.

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