Chaos in Epworth as CRIME RATES reach alarming levels – 920 crimes in a month


A total of 920 crimes were attended to in Epworth alone. This was revealed early this week during the crime awareness campaign held in wards 3, 5 and 6. During the campaign, the police, Crime Consultative Committee along with pastors from various churches vowed to unite and fight crime in areas which falls under Chitungwiza district. These include Epworth, Hatfield, Airport (Manyame), Zengeza, St Marys’ and Chitungwiza. Speaking on the sideline of the campaign, Crime Consultative Committee chairperson for Chitungwiza district,Esther Machiha said:

The situation in this Epworth town is worrisome. There is high crime rate which has caught our attention. Last month, we recorded five murder cases in our district only to realise that four of them were from Epworth. Therefore, as a team we thought it was wiser if we raise awareness on these issues. It is or duty as a community with the help of police officers to make sure that we minimize crime rates in our district”. She added: “We have realised that many citizens now commit suicide because that is their only hope when they face problems. But I want to encourage them that they should always have someone to talk to and the police are good at counselling”.

One of the participants, Constable Jonah Muringwa urged citizens solve their differences amicably. “Last month, we recorded 920 crime cases which are very upsetting. I urge citizens to solve their issues peacefully, maybe there will be a diminution in crime rates”. He added: “Iwe neni tine basa. Meaning to say, we should all come together and make sure that we uphold the good values that consists in our constitution. I say no to assaults, no to rape and no to suicide”.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Pastor Chajayi Fitini of The Way Out Ministries who highlighted the church’s efforts in the campaign.

“Churches are doing their best in making sure that crime rate decreases. We are making it as our priority that anyone who commits a crime should be dealt with accordingly despite being a leader in church or a member,” he said.

Source-H metro

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