Businessman threatens 3 Kwekwe councillors


3 Kwekwe Councillors have accused local businessman Grant Hewlett of threatening unspecified action against them after they blocked a land swap deal he wanted to seal with the local authority.

Hewlett, through his company, Rockodox Investments, had won a barter deal in which he would construct a storm drain worth $222 000 and get 140 residential stands measuring 200m2 each and an industrial stand measuring 7892m2.

The tender was advertised in a community newspaper in Kwekwe and only Rockodox submitted bids.

This prompted councillors Aaron Gwalazimba, Weston Masiya and Bekezela Ndlovu to demand that the project be retendered.

The councillors said they felt the deal was unfair as Rockodox would sell the same stands for $19,50/m2 and get more money at the expense of the council.

They successfully stalled the deal, asking management to re-advertise and also seek other ways of funding the deal other than swapping stands.

However, some moles within the local authority allegedly leaked details of the meeting to Hewlett, who then threatened unspecified action against the three councillors.

Hewlett yesterday denied the allegations, saying: “All I know is we placed a tender for that job and when we attended the opening ceremony, we were the only people to tender. The job was never awarded from my understanding. I am not sure of the reason.”

Mayor Matenda Madzoke confirmed that the councillors had approached him over the alleged threats.

“I am just aware that they came to me and raised their concern with me. I am worried if it is true. We can’t have private meetings being leaked to interested parties so that they can use them to threaten councillors,” he said.

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