Award Winning Jah Prayzah AIMING HIGHER AND HIGHER


Jah Prayzah real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe said he is no longer settling for anything less after scooping the Listeners’ Choice and this has given him confidence to surpass the so called big artists in Africa.

“As I have been always saying, I am happy because surprises especially good ones always make you happy. The award came as a surprise to me.

“I will, however, use this as a yardstick in my career, I will always aim higher and after this award I am very confident that I can achieve big,” he said.

In this wide ranging interview, Jah Prayzah opened up to a number of issues among them his band which has some notable ‘weaknesses’.

The band has been without key vocalist cum dancer Fatima ‘Stimela’ Katiji who is out of action due to illness while Pamela ‘Gonyeti’ Zulu left to pursue a solo career.

The gap has forced Jah Prayzah to look for another female member who is expected to join the band this week, at least according to him.

“Stimela is recovering but she still needs time to rest and that has forced us to look for another female member who will be concentrating on vocals.

“We have recruited a new member identified as Nancy to help Excavator since she is yet to get into the real groove. As a band you consider a lot of things and I have just realised that we need,” said Jah Prayzah.

Asked what they will do when Stimela returns to the stage, he said, “I am yet to consider on that but obviously Stimela will come back whenever she feels she is fit for the stage.

“We pray and hope she recovers because we really need her.”

The musician’s new video for Mdhara Vachauya has been received with mixed feelings as some fans were expecting a danceable video from their star.

A number of fans have been expressing their concerns on social media where Jah Prayzah is very active but he believes he has done his best.

Jah Prayzah said he is happy because he did not produce something predictable.

“I have been following my fans’ comments and I feel they were expecting something different from what I produced.

“The fact that I gave them something unpredictable is very special to me. It becomes monotonous if they can predict my productions. The video is in line with my script and it is always good to come up with something different. After all, I am happy that my fans are enjoying the video.

“However, I consider their ideas and always embrace criticism,” he said.

He said he has plans for another video though he could not give the exact dates as to when his fans can expect it.

“I am working on a number of projects, including another video and an album which will obviously be released sometime next year.”

Source-H metro

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